As a member of The Company of Holistic Returns® network, our role is to become an integral part of your working life and guide you and your company towards better balance and long-term stability.

Returns can be measured in more ways than money!

“By letting us guide you through your business transformation process, will mean better balance for you and the people you work with as well as those you care for the most.”


We are here to help you, as a business owner and human being,
to get your company moving in the right direction.

By creating better order and balance around you and your company, you will eliminate unnecessary stress for you and your co-workers so that everyone starts feeling better.

By improving the economic and holistic control of your company, all the classic problems that a
small business owner experiences, will begin to disappear.

By not having to run around and check everyone (and everything) all the time, you’ll have more time left over to focus on creating better balance in other areas of your life, not just work.

As a member of The Company of Holistic Returns® our role is to become an integral part of your working life and guide you and your company towards better balance, long-term stability and more importantly; Returns that can be measured in more ways than money.

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Where do you want to be in 3-5 years and why? Once you can answer this question, then we’ll help you transform your company so that it can be used as a tool to help you get where you need to go, instead of it being the major stumbling block in your life.

And, if you don’t know the answer to that question yet, we can certainty help you there as well, since we deal with self-reflection and long-term personal goals all the time within ourselves and our clients. We do not judge, because we’ve made embarrassing mistakes too!

We focus primarily on companies and organizations with less than 30-employees, since we believe it’s the small companies, in our local regions, that will define the future (If they can develop and grow following common, sustainable, values and principles).

Of course, if your company has more than 30-employees, you’re welcome to contact us as well, since the benefits of going on a Holistic Returns® journey is for everyone!

Someone who can contribute with guidance, understanding (and a little hard work) before, during and after you decide to start your transformation journey. Someone who can, with decisiveness, help you to operationally implement what needs to be changed in your company. We help you, as an entrepreneur and a human being, to get you going in the right direction

That’s why we’ve created The Company of Holistic Returns®. We’re a group of experienced, knowledgeable and enterprising business men and women who are passionate about helping and guiding others on their life’s journey and We are here for You!

Myles Dean
USA: +1 (603) 393-7101
Sweden:+46 (0)729-75 60 60

As a Transformation Partner, Myles helps business owners (as well as their boards) with Holistic and long-term business planning and control. By setting the focus on your intentions with your life and your company, we will set up the company’s strategic vision together. After that, my business colleagues and I can then go in and steer the company in the direction that it should be heading so that you can start focusing on your life goals.

Through inspirational leadership, guidance and know-how, we help create the foundation that’s necessary so that everyone who’s a part of your company can feel that they’re seen, inspired and have a more positive and less stressful working environment.

Malin Åhman
+46 705-25 14 55

By focusing on the company owner’s fundamental motivations and value structure, Malin helps the owner clarify his/her vision for their life as well as anchoring these new priorities for the owner and the company.

Malin also helps the company owners to equip themselves with broad self-assessment tools which help him/her create a plan that maps out what needs to change in their every-day life in order to reach their new goals, thereby improving the owner’s quality of life.

When you are ready for your journey, contact us!

The Company of Holistic Returns®
PO Box 1128

Laconia, NH 03246
USA: +1 (603) 393-7101
Sweden:+46 (0)729-75 60 60